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uggs for men tom brady This movement soon put everyone overawed
Two hundred and thirtieth IX [toast Monastic! 】
Suddenly a cold atmosphere of the hall, holding hands Douri glass standing in front of the generals, ignore each other a look, indeed, some Xiabulaitai Douri. But did not reveal the slightest Douri was annoyed look, looked calmly sitting high above a Lu.
Sure enough, Lu Gaoli moment pretend stained and said: Shrek?
Good name, good name! DU Wei groan, looking at the face bearded guy, could not help but secretly sigh: how he was not green skin? Would be fantastic if the green skin.
This Shrek grunted, beginning to recover Lu looked high, confidently: lump solution, and this little taste of wine to drink! Then, staring at the big beard Shrek Douri, growled: bow and arrow of a lifetime, but have not heard any shot ten arrows to go! Well, I'm afraid some people with some shady magic to fool man! Come! Douri heart laugh, not to speak, looked on smiling so big beard, and steal the captains looked at the field, everyone is really look like faint smile, and even above the high Lu is a trace of his mouth brow strange.
Well ... ... wanted to come to a blow ah. But ... ... have to get so old-fashioned role will it?
DU Wei sighed: I'm afraid people who really do not know that the Duke of tulips to God you back tens of thousands of Northwest Army shot it! my mind refuses to accept, he constantly for advice advice of your archery tulip Duke! DU Wei smiled. He simply put the glass down: The Shrek laughed, and then shouted out: Soon as ordered under the hall's side door was pushed open, and then two big heads held high majestic soldiers came in, a person previously holding a bow with both hands. This bow in deep dark, a look that is good with a tire iron on the bow, and bow on top, but pulls out a faint ray of red light, do not know what the material is made of.
This is such a magnificent way the soldiers dragged a bow. Seemed to look very difficult, obviously this is not light weight stuff!
The back of the soldier, the hands holding a leather quiver, arrow bag that just put a dozen arrows. But this arrow and the ordinary stuff, but totally different.
Ordinary arrows, mostly wooden, metal arrows, arrows with feather tail feathers. To the ten Zhijian, each one is like a metal texture. Dark arrow on the body, glowing metallic luster, the arrow arrows to the body than ordinary crude has doubled, while the arrow is actually gold.
Such an arrow, I am afraid that weight heavier than normal on the arrow twice more.
Lu has put that glass high this time stood up, pretending to laugh: Are also well-known in the Northwest! Was among the foreign military, two shot down the other side of the military flagpole! If one of archery, then we can be the first person of the Northwest Army. How can you than the arrows? Sit down quickly, which is above party. Talk about brothels, talk about the other. Douri heart smile. This game can be played over some friends. The Shrek soon to drink. Have sent soldiers to the bow and arrow, apparently ready to advance early.
He immediately smiled and said: Then he looked at the big beard: Shrek grasping with one hand, put the tire iron goes black gold bow caught in the hands, proudly said: bow and arrow, bow, the stronger, the more distant shot was my bow, though not what this artifact, but on the strength of it, even traveled to the mainland is rare! the Northwest Army who are able to pull my bow , no more than five people. I do not believe Shrek is, what bow to shoot ten miles away! as to if there is strong bow, I'd very 想见识见识! In Douri had before the arrival of the day surrounded by the ancient Chinese doro troops when the city of Loulan, was a stone's throw DU Wei Wei, and had to retreat ten miles, this thing has been cited as the ancient Chinese doro big shame. Especially after the military returned to the Northwest, after reporting these things,uggs for men tom brady, whether high or not, for Lu others both mean do not believe!
Able to fire ten to go ... ... I have to bow to a lot of powerful cars? Arm strength to be more powerful cars? This world no matter! ! General This is the first Shrek military shooter, had been among the armies, web users visit www. 101du. Download TXT format net shot off the other two novels in the military flagpole, which is how the strong bow of? To know how thick the flagpole! This black gold is Shrek tire iron bow, it was shot up to a range of kilometers!
People immediately concluded, come to think of this as a magician's Douri, must be secretly under the hands and feet, with a magic way to do this!
Since the identification of this point, everyone would think this bow and arrow shot, the Duke a blow to the tulip.
Shrek picked up the bow and arrow at the moment, the people open the door to the hall, the head went to the door step, looking away, loudly: Douri said: Shrek one refers to the door, facing the high Lu consult: Buddha looked at DU Wei Lu a high level, then broke into smiles: wine! Hands of the captains have long premeditated good. Burst of applause at the moment of course, do not expose Douri, a smile, also nodded his head.
Subsequently, some soldiers came to the hall table and food and wine all moved out, the venue with the crowd came to Da Shuaifu the school field.
This is Lu Northwestern Army Corps high as long, ao where there is a sizeable nature of the school field, a full hundred meters wide. Bidu Wei past life seen a little bigger stadium. After the venue and the crowd came to the school field, put in a handsome banquet table above.
Shrek then this order, the number of soldiers immediately moved to a row of flak. These points on the target for attacks on distant, nearly as far away, the farthest a full 200 meters, has also recently 50 meters, there are places open to the wrong column.
Shrek soon followed by a long laugh, the eyes of the crowd below. Suddenly grabbed his tire iron black gold bow, stood on the stage and jumped down from the commander, but had led to fall just below a horse stopped at the top. This really is a big beard generals who have the ability, people fall immediately, it soon Chang Si horse immediately, people stand up, then cast hoof flying, they run up around the school. Teng & Wen * boiling% members learn to play this hand in Shrek immediately, stature and vigorous, suddenly bows Nock. I saw him extremely sensitive to the action, sitting in the saddle on. Fingers flying, Xiu Xiu Xiu Xiu sound stop. A road under the black light shot from his bow out. I heard a distant target for attacks on Bo Bobo's voice is not absolute, arrows arrows in the bull's-eye.
No one missed.
His breath shot nine arrows, the last arrow of time, but suddenly people immediately bent to the arched back in behind the back of the bow in such a position ... ...
Call out loudly, and finally an arrow fly out, but even wearing two flak breath, as if the string gourd, like children, are shot two flak was flying, and finally dropped to the ground,black ugg gloves!
Handsome people are applauded on stage together, even the DU Wei heartfelt applause. The Shrek beard, it really is a skill, the hand archery, really amazing! At that time, the sky above the eagle is circling the north, the beard hum smile, suddenly rushed to a flak horse next to an arrow above to pull out, in immediately, take bows arrow! This black gold bow tire iron he stretched like a full moon on general ... ... then heard a bowstring oscillation buzzes ... ... the sky circling eagle is a shot ... ...
Call out to cry, and that arrow piercing out, I heard the voice of the sky above the whine sound, it would only be shot in Atlanta, body plummeting down.
The eagle bow hand, is caused by the thunder of applause everyone!
This Shrek ten shot in eleven target, and finally shot down the sky eagle child, it was undoubtedly called
Hussein looked behind Douri also could not help moving.
When it comes to martial art, then, ten Shrek may not be Hussein's opponents, on the mainland than to the people, and Hussein, I am afraid that so far only a Sigma Rodriguez, but this archery, is not Strong will be able to practice out of a grudge!
Shrek in a cheers among dismounted, and then jump to a handsome station, proudly watching the DU Wei: DU Wei felt that the Northwest Army captains are looking at their nearest approach. He sighed, then said: Paused, DU Wei looked at everyone, I thought: not to the point of severe, indeed call these people look down upon.
Anyway, DU Wei mind was convinced, and the other to sweep up his face, but definitely not how to really put myself to. Northwest Army now afraid to rebel, their security is not the problem.
Thought of this, DU Wei said: Shrek smiled proudly, openly and delivery of the bow in the past, said: Next to the ancient Chinese multi-Lo has said: others used alone shot, even able to pull, it is a very remarkable! DU Wei smiled, took this black gold bow tire iron in his hand, and she felt his hand sank, not really light weight, one hand holding his bow in one hand as if stroked back and forth in the above thin, listening to ancient China more Lo, then, the smile: Goolwa doro a red face, his army being in the northwest had steady work is known to act with caution when it comes to martial art,ugg romantic flower, is not really on the top row of the ranks. Now also openly said: This black gold bow net, but a superior tire iron a good thing! general warrior, if not a thirty-five martial art, the not even think to pull! If you can ten times and not a continuous bow exhausted, it is considered a rare Reggie it! DU Wei listened, gently stroking the bow side tire on the one hand absently: Then he hooked hand gently bow. Then secretly tried, really unusual hard, let alone pull over, and with their arm strength, can barely pull one-third, to be made in a very great.
DU Wei overconfident try to Seeing bow, others all laughed.
The Duke of tulips are so young, it seems, is not very robust, can have too much trouble? People found in Loulan city before him that magic stone is the easy way out, but this is really to pull a strong bow. How can hot action? Moreover, this tire iron Shrek the black gold bow, many generals are present personally tried. Really is very tough, a lot of people dragged themselves not open. The Shrek extraordinary talent. In order to use this kind of thing, others use a hard, pure arm strength, clever use of magic can not discuss it!
Seeing Douri did not pull a pull up all corners of the mouth is with a hint of gloating smile, a fool waiting Douri.
so called strong bow to bow with ... ah ... funny funny! Shrek a furious, shouted: DU Wei smiled, as if about to agree, but deliberately shake their heads: Shrek face reddened with anger: He is a reckless person, the original capital was about to say what the next bet, I heard the high Lu coughed, quickly opening. Lu is how high effort, although it is unlikely that this tulip Duke win, after all, this is not to use magic to choose the easy way. Just in case ... ... tulips really won, but Shrek really too much to say at the moment huff bet ... ...
Or be careful to be good!
At the moment and quickly said: Monastic?
DU Wei sneer, pointing to the place in the middle of a huge Jiuweng. This is the land of wine in the Northwest Jiuweng, there is one meter tall, which can hold at least a hundred pounds of wine. At the moment there is also a half, they have to have three to five pounds looks like.
Then, watching Shrek nodded his head, DU Wei sneer, his hands bow, I saw his arms gently to force ... ...
Snip! !
It's that sound, he hands it to the famous baby in the Northwest Army strong bow, and even army generals dragged many not open to black gold bow tire iron, but in the hands of DU Wei is like rot to the wood, as light light a pull, bow broken, and tires are easily broken bow! ! !
This movement soon put everyone overawed!
Readily Douri has pulled off this treasure bow thrown to the ground, turned to the high general Lu said: the general to the Shrek treasure bow, must pay him a good future. Shrek was staring on the ground that destroyed the treasure bow, journeying not say a word!
Tire iron black gold bow ah! This tire iron, but their black gold bow ah! ! Northwest Army down, you would be able to pull of a hero! Full account in the Reggie, can pull at least ten times, and both are top of Reggie!
This little boy in the hands, as if paper models, like a pull on the off? !
Illusion! Must be an illusion!
Shrek hard rubbed his eyes, looked helpless on the ground may still have become tattered treasure bow.
Douri was a cry sneer, watching the Shrek, cold voice came: Shrek face reddened, red hair pose, suddenly roar, turned and walked beside that huge Jiuweng, picked up the arms that Jiuweng, breathing into their mouths and filling ... ...
This Shrek the poor, struggling to hold such a huge Jiuweng, desperately filling dozens of mouth, you have some not stand it!
Such a large Jiuweng, which left half, also had a full thirty-five pounds! Are also northwest of the spirits! Where is the end of a person drink?
Even thirty five pounds of water, also can help people make it half to death, not to mention the spirits
The Shrek struggling after filling dozens of mouth, has been unable to stand, and a crooked foot, bang, Jiuweng fall to the ground, he has been lying in the Jiuweng crooked top, if not stand no longer.
General to come up next to some help, but his face looked gloomy high Lu, eyes flashing with Mars, but no one dared to come.
on the gaffe, fine him a month to I Seba!! Several magnificent soldiers came up, carrying the head of the lift head, heels, the heels, and the drunk's Shrek lift down.
DU Wei himself picked up the glass, went to the front of the second general, a look of calm smile: Drink only bet? This second general is none other than ancient China doro, doro an ancient Chinese Douri, then, could not help but face a change, coughed, and quickly put on the cup and a little bang Douri, a drink down.
DU Wei smiled, filled a glass of wine, waiting for him to come to the front of the third general, that person has their own initiative to stand up, reach for a glass.
Can not see him Douri, went to turn back to his table, but this guy hanging on the spot.
The general stand there, face Nuse, not into, the back is not, watch as the general look of gloomy high Lu, Then he bit her teeth angrily and sat back.
(Rest assured, that today there will be sixteen thousand words, it will not go back on it! First posted up so much, I'm writing back, all must be more out tonight! That will surely make up the complement of! Last Please drop pass ~)Read More:

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