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Suppose, the Philippines and Indonesia dare with these weapons to make war with China? The Chinese necessity has not been completely the US returns Asian and Pacific, but flustered. The US on a grand scale, veste moncler femme,is likely it rises the anxious another kind of performance to China. China and the US strategy resistance, will not make the military challenge to it, between China and US will not be the development momentum competition, this winning side China is occupying now, the US will return to Asian and Pacific this set, to changed China and US's competition situation not to be able to play any role. The US also wants through to increase exerts pressure, causes the Chinese interior panic, China confuses own situations.

Copes with this set, the best reply is continues to be also good quickly develops. China formidable will further change unceasingly the Asian country to choose the position between China and US the point of view. moncler paris boutique,Today's many other difficult problems, also will be ground by China's development, or submergence India worried very much China in Asia, specially in South Asian and Southeast Asia's development, regards it for to India's surrounding. India former secretary of defense Singer in an article said recently in the Asian giants at the marine collision that China has the surrounding strategic tradition, the Chinese chess which the Chinese likes is take strategic surrounding as a core. Such words are likely envy.

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