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Woman chokes 5yo daughter to death hides her body in Fuqing
The Rio State authority to the Schaeffer dragon collection at least 100,000,000 Reals environmental damage indemnities. Moreover, if the related organization recognized that the Schaeffer dragon has supplied the false EWIREWEWHIREYHJRT2 information, canada goose jakke,will supplement 10,000,000 Reals (will be approximately equal to 5,500,000 US dollars) the punishment. Around adds together, the Schaeffer dragon company will face 260,000,000 Reals (are approximately equal to 145,000,000 US dollars) at least the fine in Brazil. The Brazilian Petroleum Bureau local time on 23rd announced in the afternoon, before verifying the accident cause factor and the owner and the matter send the Fradd sub-area which satisfies each safety in production request, suspends the Schaeffer dragon in this region work. In view of the fact that the Fradd sub-area is the Schaeffer dragon company present the only mining project which participation in Brazil,

thus the Schaeffer dragon already stopped in fact in this country's all mining service The German national debt tender part fails to analyze said that a euro crisis has transferred to the German international online news: canada goose jakke sverige,According to Zhongxin News Agency, the German investment money market's 10 year time 6,000,000,000 euros national debts, in 23rd in the market tender's volume of business are only 3,889,000,000 euros, fails 35%. The financial analyst believed that this was a euro crisis shifted to Germany's signal. canada goose jakke,Because the European multi-countries are twined the debt crisis, the safer German national debt has been marketable, never presents the national debt tender to fail the phenomenon. Is responsible to manage the German debt the federal finance agency to believe that the customer reduces the reason lies in the market the astatic condition,

and stressed that Germany does not have the financing gap at present. But the financial analyst actually thought that this is a danger signal, indicated that the investor has cast the no confidence vote to the entire Eurozone. canada goose kensington,Zhongxin News Agency Brussels, November 23 - (by Shen Chen) EU commission President Baluozuo on 23rd has opened a euro bond in a piece of dispute sound the mystical veil. This named introduction stable bond feasible green book the draft not yet drew a charge has encountered Eurozone the main item Germany's intense opposition. European Union hoped that various member nations the draft carry on the thorough discussion on the green book to study. European Union mentioned in the official document that related Eurozone united the issue debentures the discussion already to continue period of time. The European debt crisis's occurrence,

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