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because the democracy may correct and stop the wrong economic policy effectively. If the economic policy effect is not good, monster beats studio,formulates this policy statesman very possibly to fail to be elected in the next time election or KDIOERWTHREWIDSFSD6 is replaced through other mechanisms. But the Polish these 20 year reform course also indicated that in a short time, the democracy will possibly give the economic reform to cause many difficulties including the economic policy formulation. veste moncler,"Finance and economics": Since democracy when many will not form the best policy, if you may the redesign Poland's reform, you whether will choose to maintain the political system basic invariable, but will reform the economic system merely? Keledeke: I will choose simultaneously carry on the marketability reform and the democratized reform. First, the democracy is in itself valuable. The certainly democracy also has many questions, the short-term comes to see that it will possibly make a mistake, for example the democratic election did not guarantee that certainly will select the most appropriate person,

the freedom of speech also means will have the lying freedom, the consensus sometimes also possibly makes a mistake, the policy-making often must undergo the time-consuming repeated discussion, the debate, dr dre casque,finally will form the policy often will be all quarters political power compromise. But from long-term, the democracy will help market reforming, in long-term, the democracy can stop and correct the wrong policy. The democracy and the market economy are promote mutually. I believed that the marketability reform sooner or later will guide the democratization. The non-democratic country is unable to guarantee that the leader corruption, not greedy, does not make a mistake not repeatedly, also does not have a mechanism to be possible to get rid of such leadership. In the world the non-democratic country market economy develops good example the very much is extremely minority, what are massive is the non-democratic country defeat's example. The democracy was “did the middle school” the process, US's democracy develops for more than 200 years, Poland has reformed already for 20 years,

also was not very perhaps long, but must continue to study. "Finance and economics": In the late-1970s the early 80s, China once studied Poland's reform experience, but afterward two countries had adopted the different reform way. beats dr dre,Looked from the historical angle that Poland reforms with China reforms has differently what? Keledeke: Take 1989 as the clear threshold, Poland started the political system reform. The socialism marketability reform and the political system switch is two kind of heterogeneity reforms, the former is maintains the economic reform which the basic system invariable carries on, the political system switch is from the socialist system to a new system transformation. In other words, Polish and China's different lying, Polish many economic reforms started from the last century 60-70 ages, after 1989, is the economic system and the political system reform develops simultaneously.

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