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Government Teeters Amid Feuding
Iran "the Teheran Times" quoted Russia official source public figure's words saying that Russia warship went to narrate the waters is to suggest to NATO, canada goose jakke,Moscow did not allow take the humanitarianism to initiate the military EWREWIOTREOTIREH1 action as the shop sign. Supports Syria Revolutionary committee President Mahmoud Ali Hamuza to indicate: “Russia supports narrates the authority to be long-standing. Russia National defense Products outlet Company was still continuing to narrate the sell weapon. canada goose jakke,Therefore, narrates requested that Russia military intervention is completely possible.” Syrian Tull chart Si Gang is Russia Navy outside the former Soviet Union area the only Military base, established in 1971, to carry out the duty warship in Mediterranean Sea to provide services and refuels the service. After Soviet Union disintegrates, Mediterranean Sea divides the fleet to abolish, but the base retained down.

Russia military forecasting center Director Anaa Tolley · Qi Ganke believed that retains this base is also to monitor the goal. But he thought that Russia leaders will not fight for Syria. canada goose vest,Saudi Arabia "the Middle East Newspaper" on November 22 reported]Russian Minister Lavrov Monday condemned that the West in the Syrian crisis question's actions “is nearly the international provocation”. He indicated that when the Arab League appeals to the stop violence, Western some countries actually let the Syrian Opposition faction not probably talk with President Bashar Assad. Russia still supported Bashar's one of minority several countries. Lavrov said that to will narrate opposition faction's external support to further destroy the regional stability, and will lure the Middle East surrounding countries attempt to use this kind of situation to come for own benefit to serve.

Agence France Presse Moscow, November 22 -]The analyst said that Russia refuses to support the West the hard line which adopts to Syria is not only blatantly stems from own benefit to consider, moreover also hopes the discrete sampling, udsalg canada goose,proved that oneself was still the powerful nation. Just when Russia the intention will show off strength before December parliament election and in next March presidential election the time, this country and the West presented the tension on the Syrian question. Putin hopefully after presidential election returns to the Kremlin. Yeltsin foundation's Yefugenni · Wolk said: “Russia will not abandon the allied country, no matter, the nationalism mood will surge upward particularly before the election time. Such will do will regard as Russia's surrender.” Russia and the Bashar father, deceased Syrian President Hafeizi · Asade relates really densely,

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