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Chinese simplicity of right and wrong 02
He pretended not to see each other a gloomy face, continued: "I have seen a rough carriage on the arrow eye, The new Chanyu start very dark and very absolutely, I estimate that the Princess's escort at least loss of half lives in the grasslands . "

"It is said that is experiencing a Horse Thief." Thomas hsiang spoke to me a little unnatural, probably even he does not believe this.

"Even if the gold in the bill, did not dare to blatantly attack the princess of the Tang, of course, can only be the Horse Thief, but no one know the batch of horse thieves who play." Rather lack of continued: "But this thing carefully and think is not right, we all know that Horse Thief is the new Chanyu cavalry play,herve leger frayed patchwork bandage dress, that Manzi where such a bold child? are not afraid of after the court was furious to send troops to his Golden Horde to level?

Tang to Wu Liguo, folkway simple fight brave Haohen, and most care about dignity.

If you want to completely close out the steppe barbarians gold account, Datang I'm afraid also to national strength loss more than half, to a married man the princess was attacked, the whole empire in turmoil difficult, which seem impossible to happen. .

In fact, in the history of the Tang Dynasty, often this can be swayed by personal feelings, it can be said soaring story.

The most famous example of in Taejo old age.

Grassland a unit of the time Tu Aries Road somewhere in the village, the villagers of 140 people was exterminated Imperial messengers went to condemn, but that tribal Jiaoshe Chanyu cut his ears back to. Taejo was furious, and immediately decided to expedition prairie empire of all mobilized to form a mighty from 80,000 cavalry constitute cavalry levy North. Fear that tribal sense Zhenli caught on and fled the top of the snow straight into the northern wilderness, while the the Datang cavalry is hot pursuit, was actually Lien few months, the final carcass off in full each other tribes.

Lien Chan, a few months to make Tu Diji, deceptively simple description, it seems the outcome of handsome scenery, but to hide the terrible price to pay.

In order to support this costly war, the court issued one million portering, to levy Hebei Road, San Jun livestock Minshan surrounded by fields abandoned, held, Southern the tax Lianfan four times, and sulked, the DPRK officials simply can not afford to take into account the conduct of public affairs, The world is caught in the edge turbulence and even danger of collapse.

Great Tang Empire was the most wonderful temperament, will be in this most dangerous moment, and then countless years on the matter evaluation showing out.

Empire cavalry expedition wilderness, Southern Rebels volunteers to actually take this opportunity to increase the offensive, even contrary, have sneaked back to the mountains lakes, looks like at this time they do not want to drag the hind legs of the empire,karen millen black solid color with v collar!

The wilderness of the rebels, perhaps, and not necessarily everyone will think of the so-called national interests, perhaps they would like to seize this golden opportunity, but they have to face the reality, the usual silence in support of their poor people, volunteers to many of the underlying chieftains and soldiers, when they decided to seize this opportunity to have footsteps and silence expressed the most intense opposition.

Tang Taizu of the historical evaluation is not high,silver christian louboutin nib 100 patent leather pointed pumps, even within the Empire.

Whether it is in the history books, or the story of the restaurant storyteller Mr., the male evaluation is often separated from over-ambitious, like to use the villain eloquent minister, the cool method, the quest for longevity without Tao,white christian louboutin rolando 120mm leather pumps, and so on.

But whether it is the most pedantic of scholars, most ignore the scepter of the College Professor or hated plus endowed farmer businessman, they will find a variety of reasons for scolding The founding emperor, but no one ever think that game national strength Lai Man suffering war or not to strike the king angry and exhausted!

From the founding to the present, people living in this land has always adhere to believe in and to guard a simple truth: I do not bully you, but you did not even think to bully me; Even if I had to bully you, but you still do not Want to bully me!

Who bullied me, who I hit.

This is of the founding of the Tang Empire.

This is the road to power of the Tang Empire.

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