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Near the vehicle there is a silent bodyguard 02

After all, in the Tang territory, the other wants to assassinate another favorite of His Majesty the Emperor four princess, either to prior or after the confidentiality of the other side are not available to the real forces can only be loyal slain.

Is slain, the number of nature can not be too much, however, prefer to lack of very clear in the fighting on the battlefield, not the number the more the more severe the contrary, a lean and not afraid of dying slain, is the most formidable enemy.

Empire VIP arrangements for such a shaking assassination, in addition to the use of the slain, there may even call up a practice shot, thought today might be on the battlefield, saw the battle between the strong, rather lack of hearts was somehow produce a kinds of excitement, and immediately felt an unprecedented fear.

"Out of luck." He murmured, a side that maids turned around and looked and found this little lady in addition to the eyes beginning to float to the surface a panic Wang Ran, was actually calm down quickly calm, could not resist my heart silently commended the sound.

Both sides of the jungle where the enemy has been flooded out, wearing dusty gray Tangjun uniform, men do not masked, waving the standard blades, high-speed Qianpu like wolves, it is clear the two sides must have a party will be fully massacre.

Her Royal Highness Princess to rein in the Horse Thief in the grasslands is swift and fierce barbarians of the team around, and that previous arrows has long inspired fierce resistance, and some people put up the Shortbow began to move to the bursts, some people Aoao cried pull out Yaopan The machete was greeted.

Kitayama crossing sounded suddenly a burst of intense sound of the blade collision Menheng howling sound,mens world champ nashville jeans, both sides from time to time someone fell down, the tip of the hold into the chest and abdomen, the blade cut the throat, the blood sprayed out from the body of men,washington capitals 1 semyon varlamov white 2011 winter classic vintage, wet red this has been wet red leaves.

Start fighting soon as he will go to the worst stage, but no one retreat,mitchel and pittsburgh steelers 12 terry bradshaw black team throwback jersey, no one turned and fled, Competition In addition to the martial art to kill technology, more powerful militant dare to bleed.

Steppe barbarians arrows allegiance Princess is extremely skilled,dallas mavericks 2011 finals champions 41 dirk nowitzki revolution 30 blue jersey, brave and not panic, instantly put the enemy struck a tendency to suppress live from jungle shadows fall, the Manzi shrieking counterattack and on, gradually brought under control and cars around the woodland, although they intrepid still losing caution, and not blindly expand their positions.

Matter from which point of view, the steppe barbarians guard the choice of tactics are very correct, at least so it seemed rather lack of, so he was very puzzled, why is that around his maidservant expression become more and more dignified melancholy, seem to worry what.

Steppe barbarians of these brave, after all, have never experienced the terrible battle of the Central Plains that she worries about thinking about the matter, and a vicious bite will be ready to stand up.

Ning missing from time to make her exposure to the stature, so that he and Sang Sang dire situation right arm Qinghui hit her right hamstring, and let her down.

"What are you doing!"

The maids angry staring at his eyes, the right hand crept slowly toward the waist.

Rather lack of focus on looking at the battlefield look, and simply ignored her question, when he noted that the vision and cars, thought some may help the body cold micro sense.

Kitayama crossing fight is the tragic, the traffic is a strange quiet that a dozen should be the dowry to the grasslands of the Tang elite guards, like a dozen statue of stone-like knelt around the two cars.

The modest old man with eyes closed and a carriage, who dressed in old robes sit in the layers under the protection of the guards were facing increasingly dark black sink deep in the forests.

Missing rather nervously licked his numb lips, reach out to Sang Sang, the palm do not know when to smoke a lot of sweat, wet one.

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