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Fresh US package to create a new wave of fashion
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Tassel chain bucket bag Lingge, one of the reasons for its large-capacity function is also a pro-like, so well suited for travel season, the errors for bring it Well ~ show a gentle and romantic atmosphere of elegance and the share of the summertime. Double-sided hit color shoulder bag, large enough enough fashion, love eyes, super-stylish, back up ~ a look at the child is not tacky ~ ~ Oh leisure but also revealing the texture of the great range of children, although no zipper, but the inside of the package I paste of a zipper pocket.

Korean version of the Fendi Handbags , fashion rivets splicing, small and convenient, and very significantly a of the sun Oh ~ Make it personal, so you put it down Oh! Let you back out of the noble qualities of the girl, oh. Hit color shoulder messenger bag, the shape of wild bag, personalized show, you'll delight Oh, compact and convenient, very significant to the sun a Oh, compact package body, to win a copy of their own self-confidence, oh ~

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