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Is the Grass really Green on the Other Side
The Internet has been flooding with stories regarding the possible danger associated with the leaching chemicals in the food sources. These chemicals are capable of associating themselves with the food items cooked in the microwave ovens.

Yet how far it is true is still a major concern!The microwave was discovered by Percy Spencer. It so happened that while doing one of his experiments on active radar, he noticed a weird sensation and found that the peanut chocolate bar kept in his pocket had started to melt. The radar had actually melted his candy bar with the microwaves. This concept of the development of the microwave came from this thought. He designed a high density electromagnetic field metal box with an opening in which he fed the microwave power. Now, when the food was kept inside this metal box, the temperature of the food rose considerably.After years of experiments and some failures, the scientists finally came with the first microwave oven in the year 1947.

The first food to be deliberately cooked with microwaves was the popcorn. Today, all the modern microwave ovens use microwave radiation for cooking and heating food.There are several types of ovens available in the market. Basically, there are three basic types with different capacities and mechanical & electronic control options. The basic microwave oven, the microwave with grill/ browning option and the microwave with grill/ browning and fan based convection are the three varieties of ovens. These small wonders can be used for reheating, defrosting, cooking, dehumidifying, baking, roasting as well as browning/ grilling the food.In this competitive environment when people don't have anytime to spare, they look for alternatives that can shorten out their cooking related problems. The invention of microwave oven is one such tool in the hand of the users. As compared to the traditional cooking tools, it saves a lot of time.

On the one hand, while some people are saving their time by cooking food in it, on the other, some of them are conscious regarding their health issues. Well, just to satiate this conscious group, the researches have put forward many theories on the basis of which we can say that micro-waved foods are safe to consume. The rays are non-ionizing and can't change the basic structure of the molecule. Still there has been no proven case worldwide to substantiate that they are harmful.If you are looking for the best microwave oven, then you must go for the eminent brands. Today, Samsung C108TF and Whirlpool MagiCook are considered as the latest microwaves ovens in the market.

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