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A Low Level Bank Alt for Wow Gold Makers

Limited Supply Vendor Recipes & Pets
I pretty much covered this in last week’s post re the RecipeProfit addon but for my banker – she just does a run around Ironforge with an occasional side trip to Darnassus or Exodar to purchase any recipes/patterns/plans etc that are available from various vendors. For the pets, I have found the Moth Eggs from Exodar are my best sellers with the White Kitten available in Stormwind from Lil Timmy selling for the highest price. Unfortunately Timmy is on a 3 hour spawn timer so getting a regular supply of White Kittens is difficult. safe wow gold 

Flipping items on the AH – Buy Low, Sell Higher
Using Auctioneer or Auctionator, you can often find some really good deals – I tend to stick with trade items like cloth or low level gems (malachite/star ruby/aquamarine especially). I tend to stay away from armor & weapons purely because prices can vary so much, they can take a while to resell & the AH deposit fees are usually quite high. One or two relists & you could easily wipe out any profits.

Yes, cooking! If you base your alt in one of the capital cities that has cooking dailies, you can do the cooking daily to get XP & some cash & spend your Chef’s Awards on the bag of Imported Supplies. Once opened, it will give you Cocoa Beans – usually 2 stacks which you can sell on the AH. Check the price of Chocolate Cookies on your server & price your Cocoa Beans just below – that way, the Cookie Makers will be able to buy your beans & still make some wow gold. Obviously, if you’ve leveled your banker much higher then you can also look on the AH for meat & fish to cook up into buff foods – watch the prices for a few days before jumping in though – I find buff food prices to be very erratic on my server.

This one isn’t for everybody as it does require some ‘nursing’ to get the best returns. I did a post on my own blog back at the beginning of July with a level 10 bank alt glypher – I won’t try to re-write the post here but basically, if you can get really cheap herbs on your server, you can probably make a nice profit on glyphs & Darkmoon Faire Decks. cheap wow gold 

Why these two professions in particular? Well I’m aiming this at people who are still leveling new characters through the lowest zones – you will pick up shedloads of linen cloth & wool cloth & although you could just sell it on the AH, I have often found that prices for a stack are ridiculously low due to the almost unlimited supply. It also doesn’t matter what professions you have on your leveling alts – they will pick up cloth anyway. However, when you use this cheap linen to make into something using your tailoring (for example, Brown Linen Pants) , you can then disenchant it & sell the enchanting materials for a much higher price. tongzhouseo tracy0130

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