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WoW People Get Banned Buying Gold, What Do You Think ?


There's a hot topic about wow people get banend for buying wow gold,what do you think ?With the rise of Gold Sellers and websites selling wow gold and the amount of spam in Trade Chat from them its difficult for people to not take the chance.Below are the views of getting banned buying gold wow.

Although there's certainly a lot of room for debate over the ethics of buying and selling wow gold, what it doesn't come with is the advertisement, exploitation, account hacking, and credit card fraud that a lot of gold sellers include as part of their business. That's not good for the game or for WoW players, and that's a lot of the reason behind the rules about buying gold or items from a third party.

If the web sites are going to be shut down and the spam keeps going I don't think a ban should be in order.You buy the BoE Pet and sell if for in game gold. It's ok right? But then you go to a non blizzard site and do the same thing it's against the rules right.

Well if that is the case then I see a Major conflict. Blizzard is doing what they have been Banning players for doing. 

Best way to fix this IMO. 1st. Get rid of Trail Accounts so Gold seller don't have a free way to spam. 2nd Get rid of the BoE items in the Blizzard store. If those 2 don't happen I don't think people that buy from these services outside of the Blizzard Store should be banned. 

Last thing I want to say I'm not posting this because I want to use any of these type of services. I'm saying this because I honestly think it's wrong for Blizzard to in essences change the rules to increase their bottom line and then punish people for using services that outside of the guidelines they give us.

If Blizzard posted statistics about bans. Web sites being sued and so on and so forth that would deter people from Buying Gold and other items better then just banning them for what is now just buying stuff for other people then Blizzard.

In fact, there's nothing wrong with buying gold from a third party.But players should be careful choosing a legit wow gold seller providing pure-hand farmed wow gold that won't arouse GM's attention to get your account banned.If you are a wow player and interested in buying wow gold,what do you think of wow people get banend buying gold ?

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