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The inner canthus at a meat-like bulge called the lacrimal caruncle. The upper and lower eyelid on the inside of each hole Fake oakleys papillae, said the point of tears for the canalicular opening. Physiological functions: the main function is to protect the eye, often blink, it can tear wetting surface of the eye, the cornea to maintain luster, and can clean the conjunctiva of the dust and bacteria.
The lacrimal including the secretion of tears, lacrimal gland and lacrimal excretory tear. Lacrimal duct include: tears of the lacrimal canaliculi, lacrimal sac, nasal lacrimal duct.
There are six extraocular muscles, so that the eye movement. The four rectus muscles: superior rectus, inferior rectus, medial rectus and lateral rectus. The two oblique muscles: the superior oblique and inferior oblique. Levator: levator, and Müler muscle.
The orbital frontal, sphenoid, ethmoid, palatine bone, lacrimal bone, upper jaw and cheekbones seven skull constitute, Showed a slightly upward tilt, four sides of the cone-shaped fossa, its mouth forward, the tip backwards, up and
Replica Oakleys down the inside and outside walls. Adult orbital 4 ~ 5cm deep. Orbital in addition to the eye, extraocular muscle, blood vessels, nerves, lacrimal gland, and fascia, among the organizations full of fat from the cushion effect.
The eyes are a window of the human mind, the structure of the eye is beautiful, the eyes convey a wealth of emotions, the portraits of the most critical parts of the performance. The strength of the painter Wu Yuyang special emphasis on the depiction of eyes.
Eyes adjust the degree of bending of the lens (refractive) lens focal length was inverted, narrowing the real image. Called the far point of the furthest point of the eye can see, face up to the eye can see much point in the very distant; eyes can
Fake oakley sunglasses see, the point is called near point near point of normal eyes, eyes in the distance of about at 10 cm. The eyes can occur with the eye for a long time the phenomenon of eye fatigue, eye strain symptoms: swollen eyes, headache, blurred vision, eye soreness, dry eyes.
For a child was young, bedtime always comes too early, the number of night life seems to be a lot. But the possibility is very slim even if asleep, the parents still insist that the children turn off the lights to go to bed. In this case, many children will be a flashlight under the covers reading. The weak beam is not only difficult to the attention of parents and provide children with their favorite fiction character (from the girl detective to sorcerers, and then the talking animals, etc.) the opportunity to contact.
If these kids are enthusiastic readers, have read some stories about the early pioneering times, they may suspect that this threat is established.
Replica oakley sunglasses After all, the ancient people can only be read by candlelight, but their vision is also very good. Is now the parents too to protect our eyesight?

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