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the constant washing and rigorous treatment they get

When it comes to buying baby clothes, there really is as wide a choice as there is Special Occasion Dresses for adults. Gone are the days when baby clothes consisted of a few rompers, bibs and home knitted cardigans. Nowadays you can choose anything from the traditional to jeans and boots for newborns.

Of course, it is the same with babies as with older people. Not all styles suit all babies. Doll like girly babies never look as nice in a pair of jeans as they do a delicate pink dress but then maybe I'm biased. I also can't possibly see how a baby can be comfortable, or as easy to handle, when it's wrapped in denim jacket and trendy shirt but then some parents prefer to project their infants into childhood and use them as fashion accessories than to keep them cosy babies for as long as possible.

However, the choice is up to the parents and the choice is out there. You can go to any department store or baby clothes shop and find everything from pure cotton romper suits and traditional style dresses, with knitted cardigans and dungarees. You Special Occasion Dresses can also find in the same shop, denim jackets, jeans and formal shirts for even small babies.

One thing that has changed over the years is the fact that babies born prematurely are being saved at younger and younger ages. This is a miracle and because the incidents are now so high, special measures have been taken by cocktail dresses baby clothes manufacturers to ensure there is also a choice for these little ones. If you have ever seen the size of premature baby clothes you would know that they look the right size for toy dolls - indeed many of them are too big for dolls and this just goes to show us how far medical abilities have come.

To dress a 2lb baby is a great deal different to dressing a new born that weighs a whopping 14lb - and yes, they do come in that size! Of course, newborn babies have very delicate skin and particularly if they are premature it is important that they have natural materials next to their skin to avoid any irritation. Pure cotton cocktail dresses is the one fabric recommended to parents of these babies, in fact, it is the best thing next to any babies skin.

When the baby is big enough to get on the move, this is when they get to the stage when tougher clothing is needed. Babies get through a lot of clothes once they are crawling and climbing and this is when you can easily afford to progress from pure cotton to other fabrics that are a little tougher. They are also on to more solid food and this causes so much more mess and creates endless washing, as any parent will tell you. This in turn, means that the baby clothes need to be a lot tougher to stand up to the constant washing and rigorous treatment they get.

When I had my children I was lucky enough to experience the best of both worlds. Having a daughter in the mid eighties meant that there were still so many pretty pink dresses around and she never looked out of place in playschool wearing this. When my two sons were born in the early nineties, we were then into the era of strapless bridesmaid dresses jeans and sweatshirts for babies strapless bridesmaid dresses but rough and tough boys always need that little something extra for their baby clothes to stand up to.

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