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Hermes Birkin In Black Togo Leather Gold Hardware

Have you ever seen wrap(Hermes Birkin) with the Hermes cypress gold that the jewelry makes into with the Hermes"Kai Li" to wrap(Hermes Kelly Bag)? French designer skin Ai Er? Admire Di(Pierre Hardy) with Hermes'(Hermes) most classic Hermes cypress gold wrap(Hermes Birkin), the Hermes"Kai Li" wrap(Hermes Kelly Bag) is inspiration, design the diamond Hermes of the version of"Mini" bag. Designer skin Ai Er? Admire the version diamond Hermes cypress gold of the "narrow"ing of Di(Pierre Hardy).

Mini" the version diamond Hermes"Kai Li" wraps(Hermes Kelly Bag) to then inset 34 carats to add up to 1160 diamonds. At designer skin Ai Er? The "Mini" the version diamond Hermes cypress gold that admires a Di(Pierre Hardy) design wraps(Hermes Birkin), the Hermes"Kai Li" wrap(Hermes Kelly Bag) of pack body up, you even can be clear to see and the veins detail of crocodile skin kind. These are two styles of from all drill to create of Hermes(Hermes) bag each capacity produce 3.

You whether the art that will be this surprised life time as well but admit defeat? The craft technique of French extravagant brand Hermes(Hermes) creation box pack it may be said is have no can pick fault with, in addition to using the best material, Hermes(Hermes) at box the design for wrapping up is also only have mental strategy. Be travek the expert of aspect, each kind of leather suitcase, luggage, and suitcase. etc. elaborated by the Hermes(Hermes) handicrafts Jiang, all be rich with a.
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