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On October 22, have leader New Balance of global sport brand of the history in a hundred years holds a grand news conference in Shanghai, solemn and impressive release a world of capacity version 574"Transportation" series, each global capacity is 574 pairs, Chinese area each capacity is 80 pairs. Is this time, New Balance holds hands the on-line shopping platform Tao treasure net of biggest domestic as to cooperate a colleague, this also is New Balance and Tao treasure of for the very first.

In the middle of numerously reviving old customs shoe, New Balance 574 can calculate up is a style of the most classic is also the most popular shoe, call that it is classic for once having of, but all and of. Because as early as more than 30 year agos, the style's shoe have already become popular in the world. Although is expensive in order to revive old customs the first ancestor of shoe, New Balance classic 574 serieses after experiencing years and baptizing for 30 years, still shining.

Various colors match, vogue chemical element and riotous color enriching are good enough to make New Balance 574 become at present current in a put on the brightest scenery line. Is a style of athletic shoes to say, 574 equally also haven't vulgar performance dint, continued New Balance running shoes the consistent dress is comfortable, well ventilated good characteristics;Comfortable but glossy material makes a show of fresh image of special light of a city;Pass simple nuance and material.
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