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The Closet of The Middle-aged Women


Maybe as a short-cut and A-silhouette. The size of the jacket needs to be mid-thigh or below. The best fabric for the jacket - tweed.

Sweaters and jackets. It is better not to use them in your life, and leave to travel out of town. If you need a warm selection for winter operation, blue flat boots. it is better to buy a cardigan, retro blouse. which can be put under the appropriate blouse or thin turtleneck. Cardigan profitable accentuate your figure.

Pants. Prefer jeans, floral printed dress. because they are suitable for all ages and try to look elegant and classy. Better to choose a straight jeans classic style without the rhinestones and jewels. Note that in all denim dress - a sign of bad taste. Needless to say, korean cartoon. formal trousers, tube sexy. too, has to be present in a woman's wardrobe. Obtain the pants in fine wool.
Skirt. Easier to choose a straight skirt form or narrowed down, just below the knee length. This skirt is visually stretches the silhouette, which makes it slimmer and sleeker.

Dress. You can find models of dresses which go to all: a dress with a smell, dress shirt, dress case. These dresses will hide flaws and also at the same time will add the style of femininity and charm.

In addition towards the wardrobe is worth a few words to say on shoes, jewe

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