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Dungeon Trinkets for The Healing Priests Added In Patch 4.3
Windward Heart As far as healing throughput goes, this is currently the best trinket in the game. Many healers are reporting its doing up to 5% of their healing in a fight, and since the heal is a smart heal that will target the most injured member of your party, you know itís never going to overheal anyone. The internal cooldown is 20 seconds, meaning youíll see the proc going off constantly as long as you keep healing. There is some debate on whether holy or disc will benefit from this trinket more, since holy priests are typically healing more targets and thus more likely to get a critical heal, while disc priests are known to have more crit because of talents like Renewed Hope. First off, it doesnít really matter who benefits from the trinket more, because itís best in slot for both specs. Second, who it benefits more has to do with your raid role, not your spec. Itís true that a holy priest is more than likely going to be acting as a raid healer, but disc priests will occasionally fill that role too, just like holy priests may occasionally tank heal. Heart of the Unliving This is the regen trinket every healer is going to want for the rest of the expansion. Itís the direct upgrade to Darkmoon Card: Tsunami, which you may have noticed most people were still wearing throughout tier 12. The trinket is most ideal for holy priests, who get 30% additional spirit regen from Holy Concentration, but that doesnít mean disc priests need to back off. Seal of the Seven Signs The problem with a random haste proc is that there is no real way of knowing whether or not youíll be able to utilize it when it goes off. Thatís the main problem with this trinket from a healerís perspective. Healing is not a job that requires you to produce the most HPS possible at all times. It is a job that requires you to respond appropriately to the flow of damage in a fight. Damage is not always high, nor is it always continuous, so having a trinket that will randomly increase your HPS by increasing your casting speed is of debatable benefit. tongzhouseo cncloud0130

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